Clear Fused Quartz Rod
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Clear Fused Quartz Rod


• Fused quartz rod with D ranging from 1mm to 80mm

• Over 99.998% SiO2

•  Equivalent to GE214

Advantages of our quartz  rod

1.High purity :SiO2 99.99%-99.9999% pure quartz.

2.Strong Hardness: reach Morse level 7.

3.High temperature resistance: work under 1200°C continuously.

4. Acid and Alkali resistance.

5. Low coefficient of thermal expansion.


2.2x103 kg/m3


5.5 - 6.5 Mohs' Scale 570 KHN 100

Design Tensile Strength

4.8x107 Pa (N/m2) (7000 psi)

Design Compressive Strength

Greater than 1.1 x l09 Pa (160,000 psi)SMD 5730

Bulk Modulus

3.7x1010 Pa (5.3x106 psi)

Rigidity Modulus

3.1x1010 Pa (4.5x106 psi)

Softening Point


Annealing Point


Range Diameter




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