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    We are mainly engaged in producing high-quality quartz glass products used for semiconductor, solar, chemical , lighting and heating equipment.

    Our major products: transparent quartz tube of OD3mm-800mm, quartz rod of OD2mm-80mm,quartz process tube ,quartz boat,quartz plate with differant shape, quartz crucible,optical glass such as optical filter,filter lens,lens,prism.etc..

    We also have quartz products such as quartz furnace tube, quartz vertical furnace,quartz ingot , quartz tank, quartz ground joint, quartz ball joint, quartz banger nail, quartz lab glassware and so on.Customized quartz products are available.
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No. 898 Jingdu East Road, Donghai Economic Zone, Donghai County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China
Yukang is an expert in customizing fused quartz products and wholesaling fused quartz tubes, rods and plates as a leading quartz glass supplier & manufacturer in China...
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