Transparent quartz crucible
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Transparent quartz crucible

1.High temperture resist
2.Fine welding
3.Instant reply

 The Yukang quartz crucible are made for tasks up to 1,050°C (maximum limit 1,280°C). High chemical resistance and purity characterize our quartz glass products. The durability of this product is dependent on its use and application. Products have a long life for frequent use with temperatures up to 1,050°C. We offer a wide variety of designs and sizes of Yukang Quartz Glass Crucibles for various applications.




· Material – Fused Quartz

· Standard Operating Temperature ~1150 Degree C (Continuous Usage)

· Standard Operating Temperature ~1250 Degree C (Non-Continuous Usage)

· Specific surface area – 720 J-k

· Purity – 99.99%

· Poisson’s ratio – 0.17

· Refractive index – 1.5

· Tensile strength – 50 MPa (Optimal)

· Thermal conductivity – 1.38 W/m-k

· Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion – 0.55(106/0C)

· Dielectric strength – 30 Ac-kV (volts/mil)

· Dielectric constant – 3.82 @1MHz


Refining precious metal and special alloys

Smelting industry

Lamp-manufacturing sector

Alumina calcinations

Various chemical industrial applications

R & D laboratory uses

Educational Institutes

Rare earth production



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