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Optical Lens

Optical Lens have many applications in range from the simple collection of the scanning of laser beams to precise imaging and image transferring. Optical Lens are classified as singlet, cylindrical, achromatic and ball lens according to the differentapplications.

Selecting the proper lens for your application requires making a number of choices. A few of the many considerations include: lens shape, conjugate ratio, f/number, transmission, wavefront distortion, scattered light, anti-reflection coating, and cost.

Plano Convex LensPlano Cocave LensDouble Convex LensDouble Concave Lens
Meniscus LensAchromatic LensCylindrical LensRod Lens
Ball LensHalf Ball LensAspheric LensRing Mount for Lens

Featured Material: For application in the visible and infrared up to about 2.1 μm, BK7 offers excellent performance at a good value. In the ultraviolet down to 195 nm, UV Fused Silica is a good choice. UV Fused Silica also has excellent transmission in the visible and infrared up to about 2.1 μm, better homogeneity, and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than BK7. CaF2 and MgF2 offer high transmission in the deep UV, and they are excellent choices for deep UV excimer laser or infrared applications. Silicon and Germanium lenses are widely used in IR applications.


Transmission Range






High transmission for visible to near infrared applications, the most common optical glass

UV Fused Silica



Excellent homogeneity and low thermal expansion, high laser damage resistance




High transmission for deep UV to infrared applications

CZ Silicon



High thermal conductivity and low density, excellent for infrared applications.




Excellent for infrared applications

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