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Optical Prism

Optical Prisms are blocks of optical material with flat polished sides arranged at precisely controlled angles to each other, which deflect, deviate and rotate beams of light as well as dispersing their wavelengths.

We can manufacture many types of optical prism, each having a particular geometry to achieve the reflections necessary to perform a specific imaging task. Reflecting prisms may invert, rotate, deviate or displace a beam. Dispersing prisms produce spectral separation for spectroscopic applications or for tuning a laser output.

We provides Right Angle prism, Penta Prism, Corner Cube and custom shape prism with the material of all kinds of Chinese Optical Glass, B270, BK7, UV Fused Silica, CaF2, MgF2, Silicon, Germanium and etc. Reflecting and anti-reflection coatings on working surfaces can be put if necessary; more details please refer to our coatings chapter.

Most of our prisms are widely used for laser and commercial applications; hereby we briefly describe six applications of prisms to illustrate the versatility of this optics:

●Prism spectrometersBeam turning

●Beam steering

●Laser tuning

●Evanescent wave coupling

●Prisms as beam expanders

Manufacturing Tolerances


Commercial quality

Precision quality

Manufacturing limits

Glass Quality




Melt controlled




Melt controlled









Power (fringe)




Irregularity (fringe)




Beam Deviation

3 arc minutes

30 arc seconds

Facility controlled

Pyramid Error

3 arc minutes

1 arc minute

Facility controlled


Upon requirement

No bevel


Upon requirement

Note: The general tolerance specifications above provide a guideline regarding manufacturing capabilities for optics ranging in size from 3-100mm. The manufacturing limits are not absolute; tighter tolerances may be possible. Part specific tolerances may vary depending on component size, shape, and/or material.

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